These Working Well resources help workplaces prioritise mental health to ensure employees have improved wellbeing, greater morale and higher job satisfaction.

Workplace bullying prevention

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is about creating a safe, supportive and strong workplace culture where bullying cannot thrive.

Each year, one in five employees in New Zealand workplaces report they have experienced bullying. It not only affects individuals but also the productivity of organisations. In order to prevent bullying it’s essential workplaces have a clear understanding of what it is and the impact that it can have on individuals and the morale of teams.  

Leaders, managers and teams can use this resource to understand what helps to create positive work environments that prevent bullying. It provides you with an array of tools to help create positive workplace environments and cultures where mana-enhancing, open communication is the norm so bullying cannot thrive. There are also exercises for teams to reflect on the values of their organisation, creating shared understandings and setting clear expectations of acceptable behaviours. 

This resource can be used alone or alongside other tools in the Working Well suite of resources. Refer to our reference list for further reading and key sources of information informing this resource.

An introduction to using this resource

Find out what’s covered in this resource and how it can be used.

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About workplace bullying

Learn more about what workplace bullying looks like and what factors contribute towards it.

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The business case for bullying prevention

Preventing bullying and looking after employee mental health and wellbeing is good for people and business.

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Creating environments that do not allow bullying to flourish

Find out what you can do to create a positive workplace culture that is free from bullying.

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How to be an Upstander

Upstanders can be an important part of the solution to stopping bullying. Learn more about how you can be one.

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Team discussion – values and behaviours

A worksheet that helps you and your team create a formal document about your organisation’s values for each person to sign.

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Team discussion – the triple filter test

A worksheet that is a reflective tool for any interactions your people are having at work.

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Getting help and advice

Find other resources to help if you are experiencing or witnessing bullying, and to support mental wellbeing at work.

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Reference list

Provides further reading and key sources of information informing this resource.

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Full resource

Download the full set of resources via Zip file.

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