The Five Ways to Wellbeing at Work Toolkit includes fact sheets, tips, tools and templates to make it easy for you to support your teams to build the Five Ways into their daily lives. The toolkit can be downloaded as one document or in sections.

Mental wellbeing is one of the most valuable business assets. Workplaces that prioritise mental health have better engagement, reduced absenteeism and higher productivity, while people have improved wellbeing, greater morale and higher job satisfaction.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing (Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give) are proven to help people find balance, build resilience and boost mental health and wellbeing. The Five Ways to Wellbeing can also support workplaces to meet their health and safety obligations to manage risks to mental health and wellbeing. We wish you every success using the toolkit to create a flourishing workplace!

The Mental Health Foundation and Health Promotion Agency developed the toolkit in partnership to enable New Zealand workplaces to flourish. 

Step by step guide to Five Ways to Wellbeing at Work   

Steps for success


Fact sheets

 Step One: Promote the case for action & leadership 1 About the Five Ways to Wellbeing
  2 The business case for wellbeing
  3 The role of leadership
  4 Creating a supportive environment
Step Two: Actively communicate with & engage people & teams 5 Making it happen
  6 Engaging people and teams
Step Three: Talk openly about mental health & wellbeing 7 Understanding mental health and wellbeing
  8 Talking about wellbeing
  9 Getting help and advice
Step Four: Evaluate your impact & celebrate your success 10 Evaluating success











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 1 Five Ways to Wellbeing information sheets
 2 Promotional material
 3 Example messaging
 4 Goal setting templates
 5 Introducing mindfulness
 6 'Did you know?’ team game
 7 ‘What is wellbeing?’ team game
 7a 'What is wellbeing' team game pictures
 8 'Wellbeing bingo’ team game
 9 'Taking Notice of wellbeing’ team game
10  Action plan template
10a Action plan template (Excel)
 11 Supporting information
 12 Template PowerPoint slides
 13 Template awards certificate
 14 Email signature


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