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The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing.

We work to influence individuals, whanau, organisations and communities to improve and sustain their mental health and reach their full potential. 

Right now, you are on our Staying Well positive mental health and wellbeing section; you will find information on mental health conditions, where to get help and how to support those you love and care about in our Get Help section. Although we are not a counselling or advice service, our information officers are happy to point you in the right direction to find help.

Spreading mental health awareness

  • We are a Kiwi charity
  • We work with amazing people
  • We run dynamic programmes
  • We focus on the Five Ways
  • We influence mental health policies
  • We provide free information
  • We break down barriers
  • We talk in plain language
  • We have a suicide prevention focus
  • We tell incredible stories
  • We walk the talk
  • We totally understand positive mental health

... creating hope

Meltwater news

McCaw one of the inspirational men featured on Movember Radio

2015-07-24 The Gisborne Herald
The global charity Movember Foundation is to be commended for its podcast radio series on what it takes to be a man — an issue that has occupied the minds of philosophers throughout the ages and remains just as relevant, if not more so,

Positivity at Dairy Women's Network workshop

2015-07-21 The Southland Times
Southland dairy women are grasping on to a positive outlook for the industry.

Kiwis craving advice to support troubled young people

Research released today by Common Ground, has revealed another side to New Zealand’s youth mental health issues - the challenges faced by the 70% of Kiwis who say they have helped a young person in their family, whanau, friendship circle or community who was going through a tough

Dr Tom promotes healthy thinking

2015-07-10 The Southland Times
Dr Tom Mulholland is on a mission.

He wants farmers to look after their physical wellbeing and mental health, or the "top two inches" as he calls it.

"It's a bit like applying fertiliser to the top paddock - if you stick it in the shed it doesn't work,"

Christchurch kids taught to swap worries for wishes

2015-07-08 Radio New Zealand
Wishes and Worries for use in class-rooms and Maia and the Worry Bug for children to take home, discuss the issue of anxiety and give parents and teachers the tools to

Richie McCaw: Kiwi men need to ask for help more

2015-07-01 3 News
By 3 News online staff

All Black captain Richie McCaw has opened up about how he deals with the stress that comes with being revered as one of the nation's top

MidCentral DHB declined mental healthcare for woman at risk

2015-06-08 - National
A woman who died in an apparent suicide at Palmerston North Hospital had been repeatedly turned away from mental health services despite a history of hospitalisations for

All you need to know about Farmstrong

2015-06-05 AgriHQ
Farmstrong is a non-commercial initiative founded by rural insurer FMG and the Mental Health Foundation (MHF). The Movember Foundation has also provided funding.

Its focus is on wellbeing and what farmers can do to maintain and improve their health.

Farmstrong puts farmers first

2015-06-03 - Business Day
A NEW rural wellbeing programme has been launched that aims to help shift the focus of mental health from depression and illness to one of wellbeing.

Farmers' mental health in focus

2015-06-03 3 News
By 3 News online staff

While farmers are good at taking care of their cattle and sheep, they're not so good at looking after themselves – but a new initiative is aiming to change

Social bonds: dangerous experiment or better services?

2015-06-02 Radio New Zealand
Advocates say issuing social bonds for mental health services risks being an unfortunate experiment undertaken with society's

Farmstrong to focus on wellbeing

2015-05-28 AgriHQ
This Wednesday will see the launch of Farmstrong, a new rural wellbeing programme to help farmers live and farm well.

Online help a click away

2015-05-28 AgriHQ
The stresses of farming life can place farmers under immense strain.

New Zealanders accepting of race, religion but not mental illness

2015-05-26 The New Zealand Herald
New Zealanders are accepting of diversity, sexuality and religion but not of mental

Schools turn pink to highlight their stance against bullying

2015-05-23 The New Zealand Herald
Whether it was kids in fluorescent ties, wigs, gumboots and fluffy hats, or teachers in football kits and ballet skirts, there was pink as far as the eye could see at Douglas Park and Masterton Intermediate
Joanna Mathers and Tom
Featured story

Joanna Mathers

Joanna Mathers

Joanna Mathers’ first ever ribbon day was a personal triumph. It wasn’t just that she and the handsome Thomas won several ribbons. For Joanna, it had taken 35 years to realise her childhood dream.

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