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The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing.

We work to influence individuals, whanau, organisations and communities to improve and sustain their mental health and reach their full potential. 

Right now, you are on our Staying Well positive mental health and wellbeing section; you will find information on mental health conditions, where to get help and how to support those you love and care about in our Get Help section. Although we are not a counselling or advice service, our information officers are happy to point you in the right direction to find help.

Spreading mental health awareness

  • We are a Kiwi charity
  • We work with amazing people
  • We run dynamic programmes
  • We focus on the Five Ways
  • We influence mental health policies
  • We provide free information
  • We break down barriers
  • We talk in plain language
  • We have a suicide prevention focus
  • We tell incredible stories
  • We walk the talk
  • We totally understand positive mental health

... creating hope

Meltwater news

The most important rebuild in Canterbury

2015-11-20 The Press
OPINION: Billions of dollars, kilometres of pipelines, thousands of home…however you measure it, the scale of Canterbury's rebuild is

Kayaking the coastline of New Zealand

2015-11-19 Auckland Now
Rough seas, sunburn and solitude are what lies ahead for Lynn Paterson.

Kayaking more than 5000 kilometres of the country's coastline has always been a dream for the 50-year-old from Onehunga.

Federated Farmers Otago concern over rural suicide rates |

It's the fact we have been trying to ignore but no longer can: almost 200 New Zealand farmers have committed suicide in the past eight years.

Farmers need to open up, not harden up

2015-11-17 - Life & Style
Most of us know that life on a farm isn't always easy – often far from it. Long hours. Cold winters. Dry summers. Falling prices.

From sea to summit on every continent

2015-11-16 SunLive
Just two years ago, Auckland outdoor education teacher David Williams says he was your “typical Kiwi bloke”.

Doctors see benefits of Movember

2015-11-05 The New Zealand Herald
"Fun with a Trojan Horse" is how the Mount Maunganui-based manager explains the theory behind Movember - a month of moustache growing to increase awareness of men's health issues.

Outdoor treatment for mental health

2015-11-03 3 News
People with mental health issues are going to be urged to get involved in conservation projects.

The Mental Health Foundation and the Department of Conservation are working on the plan.

Mo-bro gets men talking about health

2015-10-30 The New Zealand Herald
Proud moustache-grower Carl Ewen says Movember about more than

Kayak journey raises money for Mental Health Foundation

2015-10-27 Scoop
For the next six months, Lynn Paterson will spend all her waking hours in a kayak to raise money for the Mental

Paul Manning on why charities should take advantage of digital

2015-10-22 Stop Press
It's staggering that one in four kiwi kids live in deprivation. I don't have any children myself (sorry mum & dad! Suicide prevention: How can we help?

In light of the recently released suicide statistics that reveal the highest number of deaths since records began in 2007, we ask the Mental Health Foundation’s Moira Clunie just what can we do to help those at risk in our own communities?

Trudy Tapsell: Girl standing in the sun

2015-10-12 3 News
By Paula Penfold and Eugene Bingham

Sitting on the couch with Trudy Hineturama Tapsell, going through her photos, you get the strong sense of how connected she is with her

Eva Bradley: Sharing your mental health stories helps

2015-10-11 The New Zealand Herald
EARLIER this week a close friend asked if I would consider writing something "light-hearted"

Māori suicide rate highest in three years

2015-10-07 Radio New Zealand
Important Māori figures, including comedian Mike King, are working to address the Māori suicide rate, which new figures show is the highest in

Football: Mental illness widespread in professionals

2015-10-07 Otago Daily Times
Professional footballers suffer more from depression and anxiety than the general public, with more than a third of current and former players reporting symptoms, according to a study by the world players'
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Featured story

Alaina Gronn

Alaina Gronn

Home to Alaina Gronn is a small village a stone's throw of Fielding in the central North Island. Her journey to these rolling hills, with alpaca and sheep, comes with a story of health struggles.

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