Craig Bulloch has experience of depression and only stopped himself from ending it all when he saw the effect a friend's suicide had on family.

Inspired by All Black great John Kirwan, Craig started to exercise and felt better from day one.

“It has been several years now since I was first diagnosed with depression and through those years there have been ups and downs that have ruined relationships and put strains on friendships," Craig says.

"This brings me now to the present and the reason for me wanting to do an Ironman and raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation," he says.

"It may sound simple, but for me it’s all about being active. It was about the same time that John Kirwan came out and said that he had suffered depression and that doing exercise or activity a few days a week made him feel better, that I started to get off the couch to do things."

Inspired by All Black great

For Craig to hear of someone he looked up to as a child say that they suffered from depression took some of the stigma away that can be attached when diagnosed with depression.

"I bought myself some shoes and started to get out running a couple of days a week. I was surprised that after just a couple of days I started to feel different, different in a way that I felt better about myself. I then bought myself a road bike and started riding that three or four times a week. And all the time I was feeling better about myself inside and out."

Craig wants to spread the word that getting out and doing some form of activity a few days a week can make you start to feel better both inside and out.

Weather cancelled Craig's first Iron Man attempt in 2012 and a heart attack in 2013 put race day on hold but in March 2014, Craig completed the race and raised $8,350! What an effort!