It’s been a tough year for the team of five million. This Mental Health Awareness Week, take time out with our resident Calathea Peacock plant Fergus while digging deep for Kiwis finding life especially hard right now.

This year has been tough. Really tough. Our collective wellbeing has certainly taken a hit. For Kiwis struggling with mental health challenges the added challenge of COVID-19 has meant the struggle has been especially hard.  

For those Kiwis, COVID-19 has made managing the other ups and downs of life incredibly difficult. 

They need support. Your support. And they need it now.  

This Mental Health Awareness Week will you take the time to engage in our special livestream featuring resident peacock plant Fergus while standing side-by-side with Kiwis struggling with their mental health in 2020? Simply click here. Alternatively, you also have the opportunity to run your own fundraiser here

Every dollar donated and raised will be applied to our proven and effective work. This includes getting effective resources into the hands of those who need them most, advocating for changes to policies, systems and laws that create barriers to wellbeing and promoting the importance of wellbeing for all New Zealanders through our targeted campaigns. 

Given the tough year we have all had, your support for this critical work could not be more needed at this time.

So please, in support of Mental Health Awareness Week, please stand side-by-side with Kiwis struggling with their mental health today. Your support is deeply appreciated.