The Mental Health Foundation’s new Information Hub keeps Kiwis aware of the latest books, videos, articles and findings focusing on mental health and wellbeing.

Launched in August 2017, the Information Hub has been described as a “library catalogue with a twist” by Mental Health Foundation (MHF) Information Resources Specialist, Kim Higginson.

“The Information Hub is more than just books. We envision it eventually being 75% electronic documents, full of PDFs, websites and videos. So this isn’t a traditional library catalogue,” Kim says.

More than just an online library

Kim says the online portal is an important mechanism for connecting New Zealanders with relevant and robust information on mental health topics.

“It’s a place to house information from our popular weekly E-bulletin. We’re also collaborating with other New Zealand libraries to review books in their collection so they can be promoted in our blog. We’re working more closely with other libraries by taking a navigator role – if we don’t have a book, we’ll link people to the libraries who do.”

The hub holds some special collections too, including mental health books in mandarin, a collection focusing on older people’s wellbeing, a children and young person’s collection, a suicide prevention collection, an inventory of NZ pamphlets focusing on mental wellbeing, literature and resources on positive psychology, and an In the News feature which links to resources related to hot topics in the media. 

Positive feedback is promising

A grant from the Lotteries allowed the MHF to upgrade to this modern software, created by Accessit. Kim says the portal empowers people through resources, learning and information and it was made possible thanks to Accessit.

“We’ve received so much great feedback so far from our customers. Many have said the focus on Hauora Māori is excellent and that it looks vibrant and inviting with multiple ways to access information.

“We had really good feedback from the first round of user-testing, and this made me feel confident that the portal will be another way to show that the MHF is a go-to place for good quality mental health information and of course to encourage people to keep learning,” Kim says.

If you want to find your way around the hub, watch our video. We welcome feedback that helps the Information Hub remain valuable and user-friendly. Email your feedback to