Tips & factsheets

Open Minds equips managers with the confidence and skills to talk about mental health in the workplace.

Practical information and tips to help you talk confidently about mental health at work. 

Why talk about mental health at work?

Everyone has mental health, and nearly half of all New Zealanders are likely to experience a mental illness at some point in their lives, with depression and anxiety being the most common.


How to have a conversation about mental health

If you notice a team member is struggling with their mental health, don't ignore it. You just need to be empathetic, approachable and willing to listen.


Quick tips on having a mental health conversation in your workplace (print version)

A pocket-sized 8 pager for easy reference and reminders. See below for how to fold.


Quick tips on having mental health conversations in your workplace (screen version)


How to fold the quick tips card

Follow these steps to fold your quick tips print resource.


A guide for managers

The guide provides information and guidance for managers to support someone experiencing mental distress with the aim to retain them in the workforce.