Taking care of your staff’s mental health leads to better engagement, reduced absenteeism and higher productivity.

Working Well is a suite of free practical, evidence-based resources that gives businesses the tools they need to foster a culture that promotes positive mental health. They are flexible, practical and easy to implement.

Getting started is easy.

Whether you are looking for an activity for your next team meeting or a more comprehensive workshop session, everything you need is freely available to download including facilitator guides, fact sheets, worksheets, handouts and presentation slides.

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Creating positive environments

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Understanding mental health and wellbeing and why it is important, so you can create a more positive work environment. A great place to start.

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Enhancing Wellbeing

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Implement the Five Ways to Wellbeing as part of your health and safety strategy to build resilience, boost mental wellbeing and improve output.

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Minimising and Managing Workplace Stress

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Workload, poor work/life balance and stressful environments can cause poor mental health at work. A resource to help you and your team get on top of it.

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Positive Communication at Work

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Communication based on respect builds trust and collaboration. Use this resource to build a culture that values relationships and makes it safe to speak up.

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Workplace Bullying Prevention

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Workplace bullying is on the rise. Understand the impact it could be having on your business and create a culture where bullying cannot thrive.

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Working Well Guide

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For HR, health and safety managers and team leaders who want to proactively understand, measure and increase mental wellbeing in their workplaces.

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