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Donations to the Mental Health Foundation go towards running our programmes and developing new ways to reach more people in the community. They also help fund our information services provided on a daily basis in a number of ways to people in need.

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We promote positive wellbeing and mental wellness through raising awareness of the Five Ways to Wellbeing. We have a number of programmes in schools, workplaces and the community that all use the Five Ways to Wellbeing to connect daily behaviours to mental wellness.

We also assist by providing a range of mental health information services. Our information officers take 100s of calls and emails each month from people looking for information on mental health conditions that they or someone they know have been diagnosed with. 

Thank you for supporting the Mental Health Foundation! 

Fundraising news 

Fancy running in this year's ASB Auckland Marathon in November and raising funds for us at the same time? You do? Great stuff, find out more...

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When Aaron Chamberlain signed up for the Auckland Round the Bays and saw he could support a charity, it was an easy choice to run for the Mental Health Foundation.

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To honour her brother’s memory and help others with experience of depression, mum-of-three Katina Hughes has run 21km for the Mental Health Foundation... twice.

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In the quiet Sunday morning sun, a yoga class is flourishing in the heart of Auckland City’s Wynyard Quarter, and it’s making a difference in the community.

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“Keep moving forward, one day at a time, one step at a time.” That’s the message ultra-marathon runner, mother of two, and Mental Health Foundation supporter, Cherie Richardson wants everyone to take on board.

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Laser Group

Scott Carr, General Manager of Laser Group New Zealand, is incredibly proud of the almost $50,000 raised this year for the Mental Health Foundation through fundraising activities.

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Angela Stone

Mental illness is something very close to Angela Stone’s heart – so close it’s become the driving force behind her decision to support the Mental Health Foundation.

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Kiwi Corn Hole

Thomas Nabbs and Paloma Aelyon are determined to spread the joy of popular American game corn hole around New Zealand – and raise some money for the Mental Health Foundation along the way.

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Peter Fleming

Peter Fleming learnt the hard way what happens when you ignore a health problem; and it almost cost him his life.

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Joanne Johnston

The MHF’s new Fundraising Manager Joanne Johnston can’t wait to roll up her sleeves and get stuck into her new role, which she started this week.

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Lissa Mitchell

Lissa Mitchell is not afraid to take on the ultimate challenge of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, especially as it’s for a cause close to her heart.

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Morgan Storrie

Morgan Storrie knew something wasn’t right when she came home from school, sat down on the floor and bawled her eyes out for no apparent reason.

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Cheeky calendar

A group of Massey University students have devised a cheeky way to raise money – stripping down for a naked calendar.

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