Community Engagement & Health Promotion Officer

Ia malo le soifua! O lo’u igoa o Ionatana Selu. O a’u o le ‘afa Samoa ma le ‘afa Palagi, ae sa fanau ai ma tupu ai i Aukilani i Sisifo. 

Jonathan (Jono) is half Samoan and half Pālagi, born and bred in West Auckland. 

He loves being able to serve the various communities he’s part of, and equally loves to get his geek on with books and stats and stuff. He has a passion for his Pacific heritage and the indigenous knowledge and worldviews that come along with it. In navigating his own va’a, Jono has discovered that these kinds of approaches just help him make sense of the world and he hopes to be able to better serve his communities by incorporating indigeneity into his professional work. A lot of this was fuelled by his Bachelor of Arts degree in Pacific Studies and Music.

When he’s not at work, Jono is usually doing something creative. Sometimes dancing, sometimes music, sometimes photography. If all else fails, then he can be found having adventures somewhere.

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