Fundraising Coordinator

Tia is of Māori descent and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Victoria University, triple majoring in Anthropology, Media and Film studies. She is mostly concerned with Te Reo Māori revitalisation and processes of decolonisation in Aotearoa.

At the MHF she supports people to lead their own online and community fundraising events.

Throughout her life Tia has had first-hand experience with issues surrounding mental health and suicide prevention which has continued to drive her passion to help others within the mental health sector. Tia also has experience volunteering within the sexual health sector as well as being involved in various health promotion initiatives which she believes has been instrumental in her journey thus far.

Her passion to help others has influenced much of her interests outside of work too, whether it be through learning about the world around her or pursuing creative outlets such as writing or painting. Tia is also a big fan of music and film as she believes these can have a huge influence on a person’s wellbeing.

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