Applying for a Whai Ora, Whiti Ora Fund grant is as easy as following our three steps below.

1. Read our tips

We’ve compiled a page of tips on what we’re looking for in a successful application, including what types of mahi you can apply for and which applications will be prioritised. These tips are based on our official criteria and are a must-read before you apply. Read them here.

2. Get organised

First, prepare the key information that will support your Fund application. 

Download and complete our simple budget templates for your project or activity.
Fill in the Table 1 template to show the estimated cost for each part of your service or initiative’s activity.
Fill in the Table 2 template to show any funding that will be provided by other parties to support your service or initiative. If no other funding is being contributed, there’s no need to upload this table.  

Organise the additional information you will need when applying for the grant – your GST registration number (if applicable), your charity number (or the charity number of the charitable organisation who will be supporting you) and details for two referees. It might also be helpful to ask a senior member of your organisation or group or leader in your community (such as a kaumatua) to review your online declaration at the end.

3. Ready to go?

Once you've completed the budget templates and organised your other key details, you're ready to apply!

Fill in the online application form


If you have any pātai/questions regarding the application form or process, please email with your contact details and we will make a time to call you.

Nau mai, haere mai – we welcome your application.