Getting Through Together / Having a hard time getting through?

These uncertain times can really impact our mental health.

Sudden change, less support, being away from our whānau and friends, financial and relationship stresses and feeling isolated are just some of the pressures we’re facing in our mirumiru/bubbles. It’s no wonder so many of us are feeling mānukanuka/anxious, worried, mataku/fearful and depressed, or just finding it hard to cope. 

If you’re experiencing these feelings, we’re with you. If you’re finding you’re being impacted, we’re here to try and provide some practical advice that acknowledges we sometimes need more than just rolling out the yoga mat to stay well or to manage our mental health.

The advice on these pages is from our communities of wise tāngata/people who’ve been through traumatic or mental distress experiences in the past. When it comes to dealing with trauma – a form of which we’re all going through together right now – they’ve “been there, done that”. Along with a registered psychologist, they’ve gifted us some sage advice on how they would manage, and are managing, some of the big emotions and challenges that many of us are feeling and going through right now.