Suicide: after a suicide attempt

Evolve Peer Support Trust

A strength-based, recover-focused support group that enables, empowers and reclaims life within an atmosphere of unity and acceptance.

EVOLVE is a weekly support group that is facilitated by people who walk the talk.

This group has been created because there are power in numbers. You are not alone.
This is a place where we learn from each other, where we are able to share,
discuss and help along the way. Our philosophy is, “ We are the same, we just wear different shoes on different sized feet, taking different strides”. This captures the journey and the vastness of experiences where we learn from each other and grow with each other.

No Charge!

Support groups are held at:

306 Tristram Street, Hamilton
Tuesdays, 5pm–6pm,
Saturdays, 1pm–2pm

114 Down Street, Te Awamutu
Mondays, 5.30pm–6.30pm

Phone: 020 411 31815
Email: andre (at)

Promoting Mental Wellness

This group exists to educate, promote, support and organise mental wellbeing initiatives to benefit the lives of people in the community. It uses self-help principles and operates from a recovery and strengths-based focus. Located in Hamilton East.

Email: pmwellness (at)

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